Drone Flight Academy

With the ambition to train every drone owner to become a drone pilot, Drone Flight Academy (DFA) develops and provides training and training aimed at flying drones safely and responsibly.

“Combining knowledge, training and experience in a central location is a catalyst for the development of the drone market. By becoming part of the Unmanned Valley ecosystem DFA wants to contribute to this from its expertise. The establishment within an ecosystem helps DFA to develop into the largest training provider of drone pilots in Europe.”

Our instructors have extensive experience in both manned and unmanned aviation, allowing them to impart knowledge and skills from a variety of backgrounds. During our courses you will learn how to use the drone optimally and within the rules for your personal dreams. Because these dreams are different for everyone, we offer different types of courses. From hobbyists to professionals, DFA is the training provider for every type of drone pilot!

DFA is the training arm of Drone Flight Company, an sector leader in the use of drones for business, and an authority approved flight school. Drone Flight Company helps organisations integrate drones into their business operations. By sharing knowledge about training, systems and organisational design, together we ensure that drones can be used safely and responsibly.

Certified RTF trainer since 2017
500+ drone pilots trained
15 affiliated instructors

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