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The field lab is managed by the Unmanned Valley Foundation, an initiative of Delft University of Technology and the municipality of Katwijk.

From combating moths in greenhouse horticulture to detecting the beginnings of dune and heather infestation, sensor technology is already being used in numerous places.

With the further development and integration of robotisation, artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning and the Internet of Things, the number of useful applications is rapidly increasing.

For everyone – from composite developers and robotics manufacturers to companies in the field of artificial intelligence, service providers and end users – it is important that technologies and applications can be tested. Preferably close to where the research and development takes place.

Unmanned Valley is a field lab for sensor technologies and applications.

Core task

Unmanned Valley is a field lab for sensor technologies and applications.


Support for entrepreneurship.

Unmanned Valley supports entrepreneurship. Its ambition is to give a positive impulse to the innovative power and high-quality technical employment in the region.
Project factory

Initiating innovative projects.

Unmanned Valley initiates research projects with a strong innovative character. Knowledge development and transfer is paramount, as well as the connection between training, research and knowledge institutions, companies and authorities.

Test facilities

Creating physical conditions.

Unmanned Valley offers test facilities for indoor and outdoor, outside a controlled airspace (CTR) of active airports. In time, a corridor to the sea should make BVLOS flights (over land and sea) possible.

Working environment

Creating physical conditions.

Unmanned Valley offers a modern working, learning and meeting environment that is tailored to the needs of the target group. The location should provide space for high-quality activity in a future-proof manner.

Programme manager
de Vries
Manager housing, design & build
van Vugt
Project manager
Jan Willem

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