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Unmanned technology, autonomous systems and sensors are already being used for applications that were just a few years ago a pipe dream. And two things are certain: with the further development and integration of robotisation, artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning and the Internet of Things, in a few years we will see applications that we are not yet aware of, and developments are moving very fast.

“Innovation happens where people meet, encourage and collaborate.”
Theo de Vries, programme manager of Unmanned Valley.

Unmanned Valley is unique in the Netherlands. It is the ideal place for companies, knowledge institutions and governments to research, develop and test innovations in the field of unmanned technology, autonomous systems and sensors. Unmanned Valley is a test location, business location and meeting place.

Located in the heart of the area with companies and knowledge institutions that make the sector, Unmanned Valley aims to bring together knowledge from the entire chain – from composite developers and robotics manufacturers to companies in the field of artificial intelligence, service providers and end users. And thus help them to accelerate innovations, grow and excel.

Do you want direct access to the Unmanned Valley network? Use our (test)facilities? Do you want to be inspired to innovation and cooperation? Our doors are open to everyone who wants to join our community and make an active contribution.

Almost, but not quite convinced yet? Contact us via info[at]