Aerialtronics DV

Aerialtronics DV is an end-to-end solution developer that uses drones, artificial intelligence and high-end sensors to provide companies with enhanced and actionable insights that create a perfect synergy between aerial applications and daily business operations.

“Aerialtronics DV joins Unmanned Valley to contribute to the future of unmanned technology. Through Unmanned Valley we can contribute and enjoy the ecosystem in the future.”

The drones and smart cameras the company develops are used for a wide range of applications, from surveying and supporting firefighters to inspecting wind turbines and high-voltage pylons. Aerialtronics works with companies such as PhaseOne and Uvirco.

Aerialtronics is part of the French group Drone Volt.

2012: foundation of Aerialtronics
2014: introduction of the Zenith
2017: Aerialtronics moves to former naval airbase of Valkenburg
2017: introduction of the Pensar
2017: acquisition by Drone Volt
2018: introduction of the Zenith 1.3
2019: Introduction of the Pensar SDK