AirHub aims to integrate drones into our society in a safe, legal and efficient way. AirHub does this through its consultancy services and a self-developed software platform.

“Unmanned Valley is the perfect location for AirHub because of its focus on the drone industry. Unmanned Valley offers all the indoor and outdoor facilities that we as AirHub need to further develop our software platform, introduce our customers to our products and services and collaborate with our partners.”

From its consultancy services, AirHub guides companies in setting up their drone operation through license applications, risk analyses, procedure development, training and technical support. AirHub also advises national, regional and local governments on drone policies. AirHub’s software platform is used by thousands of companies worldwide to manage their drone operations. The software helps to plan and execute flights (including remotely over 4G/5G) and manage the drone operation through team management, schedule maintenance, report incidents and much more.

2016 Founding: First drone consultancy in Europe
2017 Start development AirHub Drone Operations Platform
2018 Become the leading drone consultancy in the Netherlands
2019 Foundation Dutch Drone Delta with KLM for the realization of Urban Air Mobility
2020 International rollout of the Drone Operations Platform and consultancy services