DECK180 offers a complete integration of mission planners, autonomous drones and control room. With the Drone Enterprise Coordination Kit, we create a low maintenance infrastructure where multiple drones can operate in industrial and public environments. With this we can completely change the way your area or facility operates!

“When companies work together, better solutions emerge. We accordingly consider it important to be part of the Unmanned Valley ecosystem. We already have good contacts with various partners and joint projects have been started. In addition, we also expect to be able to contribute to the development of the operation at Unmanned Valley itself.”

Drones can be used for applications in areas such as maintenance, safety, environment, security and rescue operations. The new European regulations represent a big step in further development and it is only a matter of time before it will be possible to fly independently, taking into account the right safety aspects.

The Drone Enterprise Coordination Kit integrates a Drone Management System, flight infrastructure, 24/7 mission planner, data collection and reporting into one control room, and full integration with cost-effective drone charging platform.

The idea of the Drone Enterprise Coordination Kit comes from the idea that drones will become an integral part of all kinds of processes and, to achieve optimal results, they will be controlled from a single control room.

Our name – DECK180 – comes from the description of our solution: Drone Enterprise Coordination Kit, where the 180 refers to our navigation system consisting of small and large triangles.

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