Dutch Drone Academy

Dutch Drone Academy (DDA) is one of the first drone schools in the Netherlands. Besides training hundreds of professionals per year, the company develops high quality learning tools for secondary vocational training (drone optional modules), colleges of drone training and customised learning environments for multinationals that want to develop services within Europe using drones.

“DDA aims to support and facilitate companies in the Unmanned Valley ecosystem and specific end-users by developing learning resources, customised training courses and user instructions – digital or otherwise. In addition, DDA has numerous opportunities to provide test flights (ROC). Through the integration of learning resources, DDA aims to make a significant contribution to further increasing safe and responsible drone use within European airspace.”

DDA is one of the few drone companies in the Netherlands with an RTF (Registered Training Facility) status. In addition, the company is ROC certified (RPAS Operator Certificate) and accordingly authorised to carry out professional operations with larger drones at home and abroad. From airframe inspection to concert registration, for clients such as KLM, BBC, RTL, SBS, Twitter and Red Bull.

Through DDA’s latest initiative, more than 1 000 people have already registered for the new European drone training courses which will become compulsory from 31 December 2020.

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