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05 September 2023
For the very first time, the Counter Drone Conference took place in the Netherlands, organized by Unmanned Valley in Katwijk. The central theme of this conference, titled ‘detection and protection,’ focused on the issues and dangers posed by unwanted drones. Although the subject of drone threats has been on the political agenda for some time, recent developments in Ukraine have sparked increased interest in Counter UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) technologies.

During the event, lectures and demonstrations were held. Drones are increasingly being used for beneficial purposes, saving lives almost daily. However, there is also a darker side to this technology. Insufficiently informed drone pilots can unintentionally create dangerous situations near airports. Moreover, criminal and terrorist groups are increasingly utilizing drones for malicious activities. This has raised concerns about the proliferation of drones, especially as the technology becomes more accessible.

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For this reason, Unmanned Valley, in collaboration with Robin Radar and Bavak Security Group, organized this groundbreaking conference dedicated to Counter UAS solutions. The event attracted various stakeholders involved in the management of critical infrastructure and other sensitive locations. They had the opportunity to participate in an information market and listen to lectures from experts in the field. Speakers came from prominent organizations such as Bavak Security Group, Senhive, Robin Radar, Drone Flight Company, MAVLab, and Force Pro. A particular highlight of the conference was the demonstration of the DroneCatcher system by Delft Dynamics, providing the public with insights into the technology behind intercepting drones.

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While detecting drones has become quite effective nowadays, the main challenge lies in taking actual countermeasures. Methods range from disrupting or taking control of the drone’s operation to shooting it down or intercepting it. This raises the perennial question of whether these countermeasures might lead to unintended side effects. A key message that emerged during the conference is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to counter drone threats. Protection always requires customized approaches based on a combination of systems. It became evident that not only detecting drones with malicious intent is a challenge but also effectively responding to them is a complex task. Entities such as the Port of Rotterdam face particular challenges, as they are currently only able to detect drones in the vicinity without being able to take concrete actions against potentially armed drones or drones carrying illicit cargo. Through this conference, we aim to raise awareness about the challenges and potential solutions related to unwanted drones. The event serves as a platform for innovative technologies and collaboration among stakeholders to collectively address this growing threat.

A big thanks to everyone who made this event a succes. See you next time!


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