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03 May 2023

Coastal Drone Radar

In an effort to increase safety and further explore the potential of drone applications, a drone radar has been installed at Zuidpost in Katwijk. The installation was made possible through an agreement between Unmanned Valley, Gemeente Katwijk, SAR Katwijk  and Robin Radar, who developed the radar technology.

The IRIS® drone radar is part of an innovative research project aimed at using drones for maritime purposes and will play an important role in developing a drone testing zone between Katwijk and the Unmanned Valley in Valkenburg. This technology has the capability to detect and track rogue drones automatically, distinguishing them from birds or other aircraft. The radar has been installed on the building of the Katwijkse Reddingsbrigade, specifically intended to detect drones flying off the coast.

This installation marks an important step forward in enabling Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) test flights, allowing unmanned aerial vehicles to take off from Unmanned Valley and fly to a test area over the North Sea. The IRIS® drone radar will help ensure the safety of the public by detecting drones that may be flying near the testing area.

“We are thrilled to be involved in this project,” said a spokesperson for Gemeente Katwijk. “The IRIS® drone radar will play an important role in ensuring the safety of our citizens and visitors to the beach, as well as facilitating the local drone industry.” The drone radar will allow researchers to test the effectiveness of drones in search and rescue missions, delivering life-saving equipment, and performing other tasks that could benefit from the use of unmanned aerial vehicles.