5G Fieldlab

Which type of communication technology is best for an application depends on the amount of data, the energy consumption and the frequency with which data is sent. Various networks are therefore available at Unmanned Valley, commercial and (soon) experimental.

KPN has made various IoT-networks available for Unmanned Valley; LoRa, LTE-M, 4G and 5G (including their unique 5G services such as application priority, guaranteed bandwidth, and coverage on demand). Through this collaboration, companies can easily test and demonstrate all kinds of sensor-related applications that use the commercially available KPN networks.

After the summer, our collaboration with Delft University of Technology’s Do IoT Fieldlab (and their partners) will also make it possible to test in an experimental, state-of-the-art 5G communication infrastructure. Both indoor and outdoor.

Unmanned Valley is located outside a controlled airspace (CTR) of active airports and has its own airport regulation and airport master. This makes it the only location in the Netherlands where drones can be flown continuously and flexibly, also in the evening. The collaboration with (among others) KPN and Do IoT Fieldlab (and their partners) makes Unmanned Valley a unique place to research, develop, test, and demonstrate drones and other sensor-based innovations.

Facility location