We provide below an overview of frequently asked questions. If this FAQ does not give you the information you need, please get in touch.

I would like to rent an office at Unmanned Valley. Is that possible?

Is Unmanned Valley a co-working place?

Does Unmanned Valley have common areas for meetings, production, etc?

I want to become a partner of Unmanned Valley. Is that possible?

What test facilities does Unmanned Valley offer?

How do I book a test slot?

Can we fly at night?

Can we also fly BVLOS?

What space is there for events in Unmanned Valley?

How can I rent an event space?

Can I co-organise an event at Unmanned Valley?

Is Unmanned Valley accessible by public transport?

What address should I use for the navigation system in my car?

Can I charge an electric car in Unmanned Valley?

I have more questions about Unmanned Valley. Who can I contact?

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