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20 August 2020

New bus connection improves access to Unmanned Valley

The municipality of Katwijk, bus operator Arriva and Unmanned Valley are investing in improved access to Unmanned Valley. As of 5 October, a shuttle bus will connect the former Valkenburg naval air base, and Unmanned Valley will be easily accessible, even during rush hours. The new bus connection, line 35, will be part of Arriva’s official timetable.

The new public transport connection means an enormous improvement of access to Unmanned Valley, especially for students and young professionals. In the morning and evening rush hour it will be possible to travel three times an hour from Leiden Central Station to Unmanned Valley (and back) in about 25 minutes – a possibility that does not exist yet.

Line 35 runs between the Duinvallei/N206 stop and the former naval air base. Buses to and from Leiden (bus lines 30, 31, 38 and 221) stop at the Duinvallei/N206 stop 15 times an hour during peak hours.