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28 March 2019

All the lights are green for Unmanned Valley

The municipalities of Katwijk and Wassenaar, the Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency and the Province of Zuid-Holland have agreed to the administrative arrangements for Unmanned Valley. All the lights are now green for the development of Unmanned Valley and the former Valkenburg naval air base will be given a major new purpose.

The special location is perfectly suited to be a field lab where drones and other sensor technologies and applications can be researched, developed and tested.

The agreement of the four parties on the test field (of 500 by 500 metres), the corridor to the sea, BVLOS-flying and the construction of a campus-like business park makes it possible for Unmanned Valley to fulfil its mission: to become the hotspot for sensor-based activity.

How? By bringing together know-how from across the chain and helping to accelerate innovations in unmanned technology, autonomous systems and sensors, to grow and be at the forefront of the European sector.