RTL – Robot lets you clean up the beach from the comfort of your couch


Dutch technicians are developing a beach robot that will soon allow everyone to clean up waste remotely via VR glasses. Bright spoke to one of the makers. “Fully autonomous is inefficient.” Project.BB started in 2018 at a hackathon and has since become a project involving five people. The BeachBot has already been tested on various Dutch beaches. People […]

Europese subsidies for BVLOS-corridor at UMV

Drones are becoming an increasingly bigger part of our society. With the ability to fly drones beyond the sight of a pilot (also known as BVLOS flying), the number of socially and economically relevant applications will grow rapidly and the usefulness of drones will increase significantly .

Unmanned Valley, NATO, & Boeing present: Project X

Does your mind go racing with ideas when reading this challenge? Do you want to dig deeper to understand the issue? Do you believe you can find an innovative solution together with other students? If you are a hbo or wo student from a Dutch university with wild ideas, a passion for technology and an […]

TU Delft opens 5G test facilities

Today, DoIoT, the field lab for innovation on the Internet of Things on TU Delft Campus, opened three 5G research facilities with the latest generation in mobile communication technology. These facilities are available to companies, governments and research institutes. Testing with 5G will speed up innovations in areas such as mobility and logistics.