MAVLab test ontwijkalgoritme voor drones in BVLOS-corridor

De nieuwe BVLOS vliegroute loopt vanaf voormalig Vliegkamp Valkenburg (Zuid-Holland) naar de Noordzee en is net in gebruik genomen.   Bart Remes, projectmanager en onderzoeker bij The Micro Air Vehicle Laboratory (MAVlab), onderdeel van de faculteit Luchtvaart- en Ruimtevaartechniek van TU Delft, is dolblij met de nieuwe testmogelijkheden. “Met onze AED-drone hebben wij de eerste testvlucht […]

PRESS RELEASE – First BVLOS corridor in the Netherlands

Very soon drones will have an official flight path within Dutch airspace. An important milestone for the industry. The new flight route runs from the former Valkenburg Air Base (Zuid-Holland) to the North Sea and will be put to use at the beginning of 2023.

Innovation Origins: At UMV the sky is the limit!

Close to the Dutch sea, there is a field lab for sensor technology. Here, drones can fly 24/7. “This is not just an innovation center, but potentially a cluster of over 1000 employees.” Read more…

Europese subsidies for BVLOS-corridor at UMV

Drones are becoming an increasingly bigger part of our society. With the ability to fly drones beyond the sight of a pilot (also known as BVLOS flying), the number of socially and economically relevant applications will grow rapidly and the usefulness of drones will increase significantly .

BVLOS-vluchten in Nederland

BVLOS-vlucht op de Noordzee

Drones will probably fly back and forth between Den Helder, Valkenburg, Rotterdam and possibly Woensdrecht at the end of the year. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is working on a corridor where manned aircraft can build long distances out of sight of the aircraft.

TU Delft opens 5G test facilities

Today, DoIoT, the field lab for innovation on the Internet of Things on TU Delft Campus, opened three 5G research facilities with the latest generation in mobile communication technology. These facilities are available to companies, governments and research institutes. Testing with 5G will speed up innovations in areas such as mobility and logistics.