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19 March 2018

Leiden Instrument Makers School and Unmanned Valley are to collaborate

Leiden Instrument Makers School, the leading Dutch secondary vocational school specialized in precision technology, will support start-ups, scale-ups and others using Unmanned Valley in the development of prototypes and in other high-tech projects. The facilities and technical knowledge of the school and its students are of great added value and directly applicable. Companies at Unmanned Valley can make use of the knowledge and skills in an accessible way.

Leiden Instrument Makers School is a secondary vocational school where students specialise in precision engineering. The ability to invent, design, test and apply precision engineering techniques is a highly specialised and indispensable field for designing and building sensor-based applications such as drones.

In a maker space (a laboratory, workshop or workshop space) students can collaborate with the parties using Unmanned Valley to, for example, develop prototypes of drones, or work together on other projects involving sensor technology, carry out repairs, share knowledge and tools or give workshops.

Read the entire press release on the website of Leiden Instrument School here.