Can we also fly BVLOS?

Not yet. But together with our partners we are working hard on a corridor to the sea where drone and other sensor-based research can be carried out.

Can we fly at night?

Yes, it is possible to fly at night. For the possibilities contact us directly at info[at]

How do I book a test slot?

Test slots can be booked through this website of the Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency. Partners of Unmanned Valley can also take out a trial subscription.

What test facilities does Unmanned Valley offer?

Unmanned Valley offers a range of possibilities for developing, testing and demonstrating sensor-based innovations such as drones, unmanned vehicles and energy kites. Both inside (in the 2000 m2 multi-use Indoor Drone Centre “Hangar 1”) and outside (outdoor area and flightbox). A corridor to the sea will make BVLOS flying possible (over land and sea). Building […]