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17 October 2019

The digital revolution gains speed: Do IoT Field Lab officially launched

The Do IoT (Delft on Internet of Things) Field Lab focuses on the development of applications for the Internet of Things. 5G plays a major role in this. Unmanned Valley is one of the locations where these new innovations will be tested.

In the Internet of Things (IoT), large numbers of devices exchange information over a wireless network, requiring very fast connections with high reliability and short response times. 5G offers this possibility.

Within Delft University of Technology, various faculties (Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science; Engineering, Management and Industrial Design) are working together not only to solve technical challenges, but also to address issues relating to governance, design and social aspects.

5G is also a precondition for the so-called tactile internet, in which a sense of touch also has to be transmitted over the internet. For example, a surgeon can perform surgery remotely with a robotic arm.

The new field lab offers opportunities to try out all these applications, so that it rapidly becomes clear which innovations work and which do not. Do IoT is working with a number of partners, including Unmanned Valley for testing drones and related applications.

The Do IoT Field Lab was founded by, among others, the Province of Zuid-Holland, TNO (the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research), the Metropolitan Region of Rotterdam The Hague and Delft University of Technology.