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11 November 2021

TU Delft opent 5G testfaciliteiten

Today, DoIoT, the field lab for innovation on the Internet of Things on TU Delft Campus, opened three 5G research facilities with the latest generation in mobile communication technology. These facilities are available to companies, governments and research institutes. Testing with 5G will speed up innovations in areas such as mobility and logistics.

Wide range of possibilities 

The fast connections, high reliability and short response times of 5G open up a wide range of possibilities. Evolving technologies, such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT), will have a far-reaching impact in the future. The domains of (a.o.) mobility, logistics, agriculture, health and safety, will undergo major transformations, with new applications for optimising services, decision-making and end-user experience. 

Green Village and Unmanned Valley 

The two fixed 5G facilities are located at The Green Village (TU Delft Campus) and Unmanned Valley (Katwijk). Together with a mobile set-up, we literally unlock the potential for 5G product testing and innovative research in the field of digital communication technology.  

Lenneke de Voogd, DoIoT’s programme manager: “Through our fieldlab, we connect science, businesses, government and end users. In Delft, we are going to start with a study by Audus. In Delft, we are going to start with a study by Audus. Audus has developed a digital technology for the hearing impaired which improves the sound quality of online speech applications (such as video calls, mobile telephony, news broadcasts). The short response times of 5G are crucial for the effectiveness of this technology in live speech.” 

BeachBot cleans up litter 

On the Unmanned Valley site Techtics will execute experiments with their BeachBot. De Voogd: “This robot is trained to recognise cigarette butts on the beach and to clean them up. The 5G facilities have a local range: we can test in the immediate vicinity of the antenna with fast and large data transfer. We explicitly invite start-ups, enterprises, governments and research institutes to make use of these new facilities. Together, we can investigate new applications in a real environment.”  

Collaboration with various partners 

With Do IoT Fieldlab, we want to make better use of the potential of digital communication technology and IoT. The fieldlab is working closely with TU Delft, TNO, SURF, MCS, BTG, The Green Village, Unmanned Valley, RoboValley and Mobility Innovation Centre Delft; with the close involvement and support of the Province of South Holland, the municipalities of Delft and Katwijk, Holland Rijnland, MRDH (the Rotterdam Metropolitan Region) and with funding from the European Regional Development Fund. 

Do you want to learn more about the opportunities the new partnership offers you to get started at Unmanned Valley with unmanned technology, autonomous systems and sensors? Please contact us.