Connekt is an independent network for sustainable accessibility in mobility and logistics. A healthy mix of knowledge, creativity, and decisiveness where influential parties from the triple helix come together. With more than 500 partners worldwide, we devise and implement tangible solutions that improve the world – both economically and ecologically.

“Unmanned Valley and Connekt have the knowledge and networks that are valuable to both.”

Connection is the strength of Connekt, smart mobility and sustainable logistics are our domain. Connekt connects stakeholders from governments, businesses, and knowledge institutes to achieve pre-competitive cooperation. We put relevant topics on the agenda and take them further through programmes in our triple helix network. In doing so, Connekt creates value for its members and together we achieve a sustainable positive impact.

We work on sustainable logistics within the communities Lean & Green Europe, Stadslogistiek/Green Deal Zero Emission Stadslogistiek and Topsector Logistics. With Lean & Green, we are the market leader in CO₂ reduction programmes for the logistics sector and in the past six years, we have reduced 1,503 kiloton of CO₂, which is equivalent to the emissions of more than 65,000 households per year. Our online system BigMile provides rapid insight into your CO₂ emissions and shows where you can improve your supply chain.

All member activities, projects and initiatives by Smart Mobility are aimed at keeping the Netherlands accessible and available. Examples include smart access to cities (CIXS) or Mobility as a Service (MaaS): customised multimodal travel advice, whereby the planning, booking and payment of all possible transport is made possible via apps. MaaS solutions are necessary to be able to handle all transport flows and to improve our mobility system.

Finally, Connekt is the place to organise and facilitate discussions between the market and the government.

The board of Connekt consists of representatives of Dutch companies, knowledge institutions and national and provincial authorities.