Do IoT Fieldlab

Do IoT Fieldlab provides an open platform aimed at developing and using 5G and Internet-of-Things (IoT). In cooperation with the Fieldlab, researchers, large and small companies, start-ups, and students are able to develop accessible IoT applications based on the latest wireless communication technology. The Fieldlab will accelerate innovation in mobility, logistics, agriculture, health, and safety in the Netherlands.

“In recent years Delft University of Technology, in collaboration with public-private partners, has set up a series of field labs in which companies, researchers, authorities and knowledge institutions work together on radical innovations. Linking fundamental research to possible applications in realistic practical environments ensures that these innovations integrate into society more quickly.”

“Sensors are key to the IoT. As Unmanned Valley becomes the hotspot of sensor-based activity, it makes sense to join our forces. One of the three Do IoT Fieldlab test sites will be realized at Unmanned Valley, so that together we can innovate in IoT using the latest mobile communication technologies.”

The latest generation of mobile communications (currently 5G) offers a huge opportunity for the large-scale introduction of IoT. The fast connections and high reliability of 5G make it possible to bring numerous new applications to the market in the areas of automated mobility, security & agriculture, smart industry, smart logistics, healthcare, and smart cities.

Delft University of Technology is conducting pioneering research in the field of IoT and there is great market potential for new products that make use of the opportunities offered by 5G. With the arrival of the Delft on Internet of Things (Do IoT) Fieldlab start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises are given the opportunity to test new products and services based on real 5G technology outside a traditional laboratory, in an unregulated environment.

Do IoT Fieldlab accelerates innovations in the field of 5G and IoT by realising an ultra-modern ICT infrastructure where, together with large companies, knowledge institutions and potential customers, small and medium-sized enterprises can test, improve, and demonstrate innovations to potential customers and end users. The projects that will take place in the coming years will also lead to a growth in employment and activity in the form of new start-ups and scale-ups.

2019: launch of Do IoT Fieldlab
2020: start of ERDF project Do IoT Fieldlab with consortium partners TU Delft, TNO, SURF, MCS, BTG, the Green Village, Unmanned Valley, RoboValley and Mobility Innovation Centre Delft.

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