Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency

The Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency is the national real estate organisation of and for the Dutch national government. We use buildings and land to achieve economic and social goals. For example, we are developing the former Valkenburg naval air base into a sustainable living and working area.

“We are facilitating Unmanned Valley with unique real estate, smartly and circularly renovated, with a strong focus on innovative and sustainable technologies.”

The hangar area is the core of the former naval air base and is undergoing a transformation that is taking shape. An attractive, green environment where it is pleasant to work and stay. The transformation of the hangar area is the beginning of the new future of the former air base.

Characteristics of the Valkenburg location
Function: living, working, recreation – with at least 5,000 homes in a green environment and 20 hectares for businesses.
Size: 470 hectares plan area, of which 325 hectares is owned by the Central Government Real Estate Agency.
Planning: construction of the first phase of housing to the east of the hangar area is expected to begin in 2021.

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