Leiden Instrument Makers School

The Leiden Instrument Makers School (LiS) is a professional school for precision engineering where about 350 students are trained as (research) instrument makers. Craftsmanship for innovation!

“Unmanned Valley businesses can come to the LiS for prototyping and small production runs, developmental orders for instrumentation and mechanics, and refreshers courses and further training in metal, plastic and glass processing.”

The school has been training (research) instrument makers for more than 100 years: professionals who make and develop innovative precision instruments and prototypes for scientific research, the high-tech industry, the medical industry and aviation and space travel.

Practical education is the main focus of the LiS. With an extensive and modern range of machinery at their disposal, students at LiS are intensively trained from the very first year in the fields of metalworking, glass processing and other hard materials, optics, and mechatronics. During their education and internships students also learn more about business processes, design, construction, and the application areas.

The LiS is highly regarded and is in constant contact with the professional field in order to guarantee the quality of the training. Graduates from the LiS are highly sought after and play an important role in the development of the & research due to their high level of expertise, professionalism, and creativity.

In addition to regular secondary education, LiS Academy provides refresher and supplementary courses for technicians, instrument makers, engineers, and other interested parties. From year 2 students will also work on design and development assignments for companies. This takes place under the supervision of teacher supervisors. This contract work is done through LiS Engineering.

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