RoboHouse is a future of work fieldlab where creators and end-users of cognitive robotics work towards healthy and productive relations between robots and workers.

“Dynamic companies, researchers and students are always eager to get to work on the most beautiful challenges. People are keen to start testing in the available airspace. We’re seeing more and more interest in sensor-related innovation. Unmanned Valley literally makes it easier to make things fly.”

RoboHouse works closely with the Delft University of Technology’s Robotics Institute, other experts, entrepreneurs, and policy makers in the public and private sector. This has led to a vibrant robotics community around Delft University of Technology; a region that attracts researchers, students, companies, start-ups, and investment from all over the world.

Our mission is to explore questions about the future – of robotics and society – in a practical context because we believe that innovation has the greatest chance of success when people build solutions together.

Access to RoboHouse
Collaboration and co-creation take many forms within RoboHouse . The three main ways to connect with our community are:

Companies, researchers, and students can discover and test new products, services, and solutions in our working labs and maker spaces.

Workshops and events
For entrepreneurs, workers and innovative talent of all shapes and sizes RoboHouse offers workshops, and facilitates product presentations and demonstrations.

Next step programme
In collaboration with partner organizations such as Unmanned Valley, our Next Step programme helps people to improve wellbeing and productivity.

* Facilities: working labs and makers spaces
* Accelerator: support for starting and scaling up robotics companies.
* Partnerships with companies: cooperation with e.g., Rabobank, Ahold Delhaize, Festo & ABB.
* Community platform: platform for knowledge transfer, career opportunities and information about cognitive robotics and cooperation between humans and machines.
* Minor Robotics: educational program for third year bachelor students at Delft University of Technology.
* Delft University of Technology Robotics Institute: more than 170 robotics researchers brought together in one institute.
* RoboCafé: monthly informal meeting for everyone interested in robotics.
* Matchmaking: facilitating mutual contacts between companies in the robotics industry.
* Triple Helix collaboration: collaboration with policymakers in government and industry.

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