Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk

The Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk (SBIC) supports start-up companies in the space sector. We offer several programs, workshops, and events that fit every phase in the entrepreneurial journey of a space-based business. Our main activity is running the European Space Agency business incubation programme in the Netherlands: ESA BIC Noordwijk.

“The SBIC Noordwijk is not unfamiliar with drones: many drone start-ups have gone through the ESA BIC program. Almost every new generation has a business that wants to work with space technology. Our partnership with Unmanned Valley is only logical for us: we see added value in the testing possibilities for our start-ups. Moreover, we are in favour of a stronger collaboration with the entire 071 region, which is why we support this initiative in Valkenburg.”

The ESA BIC program has already supported over 100 start-ups. We are strong in developing our own programmes to support companies, such as the Ignition Program, and informative and inspiring webinars. We make sure that as many people as possible can take advantage of our extensive network in the space sector – and far beyond. We are also very proud of our open-door policy: you can always drop in for advice or just a good chat.

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